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Install Help


Basic Movement
To move: forward, backward, left and right.
To turn : up, down, left, and right.
To roll, Clock Wise, and Counter Clock wise

Other Movement
Go to a point. Align view, horizontal to the x and y axis. To switch views, so you can look at the object in a different view. To reset/restore the view to the original location. Fit the hole science into the view.

Advanced Features

Virtual Ports

You are able to click on the ports and get information on each port. It well show up next on the right column.

Virtual DIII-D
Clicking any were on the center post, well move the center post up or down.

Clicking any were on the plasma, well move the plasma up, or down.

Other Features

Right Click or Apple Click, to get to advanced features.

Speed: If you are moving to fast or to slow.

Full Screen: Changes the screen to full.

ViewPoints: To change views.