Installing VRML for Linux/Unix


The VRML models can be displayed using VRML view.
VRML view can be downloaded from Systems in Motion.
Unpack the archive by typing "gunzip -c | tar xf -" in your consol and copy the vrmlview binary to a convenient place, such as /usr/local/bin or $HOME/bin. After clicking on a VRML model, most web browsers will ask you to define a new MIME-type. Couple "model/vrml" to VRMLview (extension .WRL) You can also save the models from the web browser and open them directly from the command line using vrmlview.

On some laptops (like mine) VRMLview crashes with the cryptic message: "Illegal instruction". In this case, please rename "vrmlview" to "vrmlview.bin" (eg. mv /usr/local/bin/vrmlview /usr/local/bin/vrmlview.bin) and use the following wrapper script. Save it on the same place as the original binary (eg. /usr/local/bin/vrmlview).

If you prefer the VRML-browser to start after you click one of the models, define a new "MIME-type" in your web browser. If you use Mozilla, click "Preferences" under the "Edit" menu. Then choose the item "Helper Applications" under "Navigator" (you may need to double click the word "Navigator" to open the submenu). Then click "New Type" on the right. In the pop-up window you enter the following.

  • Description of type: VRML model
  • File extension: WRL
  • MIME type: model/vrml
  • Application to use: locatie van vrmlview, bv. /usr/local/bin/vrmlview

Then click "OK" and restart Mozilla.

In Netscape 4.79 choose "Edit->Preferences". Then open the menu "Navigator" by doubleclicking the arrow, en choose "Applications". Click "New..." and enter:

  • Description: VRML model
  • MIMEType: model/vrml
  • Suffixes: WRL

Select "Use this MIME as the outgoing default for these extensions". Select "Application" and enter de location of vrmlview, then a space and %s, for example /usr/local/bin/vrmlview %s.