[B Field]- [Power] -[Fuel] - [Density] -[Pressure] -[Shape] -[Boundary] Detailed Instructions

Quick Start

Step 1: Increase the Magnetic Field Strength (B-field) to its highest value. 
Step 2: Using the four magnet controls (slider bars) around the plasma chamber, produce a plasma shape which: (1) has a large cross sectional area, (2) looks D-shaped, & (3) doesn't touch the chamber walls (diverted in Boundary bar).
Step 3: Increase the auxiliary heating (Power) and D/T fueling (Fuel) to some moderate values close to their maximum without exceeding plasma Density and Pressure limits (<100%).
Step 3: Once the plasma is hot (ignited) and you are producing moderate electrical energy, reduce the auxiliary heating to zero.
Step 4: Modify all controls until you maximize the electric Power Output. You should be able to achieve 1000MW.

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